What You Can Do With Wrangle

Process Mapping

Document your workflow visually.

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Process Automation

Automate the person-to-person hand-offs.

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Process Tracking

See where work is and who it's waiting on.

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Keep your apps and processes in sync.

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Map Your Workflows

Map Processes In Seconds

Design and document the steps to complete your process with an easy UI. Visually show the team how it should work.

Assign Responsibility at Every Step

Easily assign people or teams to every step of the flow, so roles and responsibilities are clear.

Stay on Track With Due Dates

Set how long each step should take and we'll notify you if anything is taking too long.

Capture Complex, Parallel Workflows

Model complex workflows with multiple teams working in parallel, like when your legal team reviews the contract while finance checks the budget.

Process Automation Features

Automate Manual Processes

Notify Colleagues When It's Their Turn

As work moves through your process, we'll notify by Slack or email when it's someone's turn. They get one-click buttons to review, approve, or complete tasks.

Gather Context With Our Form Builder

No more going back to requesters for more information before you can do your work. Structured forms make sure all the context is gathered upfront.

Approve Requests In One Click

One-click buttons let your managers approve, deny, or ask for changes to requests. Document the decision with an explanatory comment.

Never Forget Key Tasks

Wrangle processes can have task checklists to make sure no manual work is forgotten.

Route Work With Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to decide when certain paths need to be followed, like getting approval only when a purchase is over a certain amount.

Remind People When Work Is Late

If your colleague takes longer than the assigned time to complete a step, Wrangle will automatically remind them that they need to take action. No more sending nag emails.


Track Everything About Your Processes

See Where Work Is

Track what step each piece of work is on and whether it's late or on time.

See Who You're Waiting On

Identify who is the bottleneck in the flow so you can get things moving again.

See All The Requests Waiting On You

One view of any work that is waiting on you for input, across all the processes in your organization.

Full Audit Trail

Complete history of every action taken on a piece of work, including all form inputs, approvals, tasks, and comments.


Integrate Your Processes With Your Apps

Kick Off Human Workflows When Things Happen In Your Apps

Connect any workflow to over 2,000 apps, like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk. Automatically trigger your Wrangle workflow when something happens, like a deal changing stages in your CRM. Fill in the form automatically with data from the trigger app.

Keep Your Apps Up-to-Date With What's Happening In Wrangle

When your process is completed, you can go update any of the 2,000 apps. For example, you could change the stage of a deal in your CRM after your Wrangle quote approval process is completed. This keeps all your key systems or record up-to-date and connects teams using different apps.

Kick Off Processes In Slack

Let your team start any workflow without leaving Slack. No more needing to go into other apps, or know who to email, to get things going.

Take Action On Processes In Slack

Get notified when it's your turn to take action. Use simple buttons to do approvals, tasks, and form inputs right on the Slack message.