Automate Processes That Combine Apps With People

  • Focuses on the apps in your workflow

  • Listens for changes in one app to trigger action in another app

  • Can trigger Wrangle to start a human approval flow

  • Focuses on the people in your workflow

  • Sends forms, tasks, and approvals to people

  • Triggered by Zapier. Once humans have taken action, can return to Zapier to update another app.

Trigger Multi-Step Human Workflows From Any App

Add Workflows to Quickbooks

Kick off your multi-step onboarding process when a new customer invoice is closed in Quickbooks.

Add Workflows to Zendesk

Kick off a custom escalation process when a Zendesk ticket has certain attributes.

Add Approval Flows to Wordpress

Go back-and-forth with reviewers on a piece of marketing content, then publish it automatically once approved.

Add Workflows to Salesforce

When a deal moves to a certain stage, trigger a solution architect to create a quote. Then route it to a sales manager for approval.

Log Approvals in Google Sheets

Any time a manager approves something, log it automatically in Google Sheets for auditability.

Add Workflows to Hubspot

When someone fills out a contact form, route to a rep to approve it as sales qualified. Then assign tasks to follow up.

Plus: Integrations with 2000+ other apps

How Wrangle Works With Zapier

Design Your People Process in Wrangle

  • Combine intake forms, approval steps, and task checklists into multi-step workflows

  • Use conditional logic to route down one path or another, or several at a time

  • Assign who needs to take action at each step in the process

Wrangle Notifies People, Step-by-Step

  • Wrangle sends one-click action buttons to the people when it's their turn in the flow

  • The actions can be forms for data entry, approval buttons, or task checklists

  • Once they take action, Wrangle automatically moves on to the next step in the process, notifying the next group.

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