No More Work Lost in Slack DMs

Be sure that work got done

No more loops un-closed. Track work as it moves through the process without nagging.

Manage requests from other teams

Structure requests from other teams using forms, right in Slack.

Track who approved or completed work

Make sure you can see a full audit trail of what happened without searching Slack history.

No more remembering to ping the next person

Stop having to manually DM the next person in multi-step workflows that it's their turn.

Get Approvals in Slack

  • Kick off a request for approval with an intake form

  • Route it to people for approval

  • Use one-click buttons right in Slack to approve, deny, or request changes.

Manage Multi-Step Workflows in Slack

  • Combine intake forms, approval steps, and task checklists into multi-step workflows

  • Use conditional logic to route down one path or another, or several at a time

  • View requests flowing through the workflow, tracking them step-by-step