Wrangle fixes broken processes

Use Wrangle when:

  • Processes are unclear
  • Friction develops between teams
  • Work starts getting lost
  • And deadlines get missed

With Wrangle, everyone knows:

  • The steps in the process
  • Who we are waiting on
  • What work has been done
  • What is still left to do

If you can whiteboard it, you can Wrangle it.

Ensure transparency

Document your processes

Collaborate with colleagues to map your processes where everyone can see them. Anyone can use Wrangle's drag-and-drop workflow builder.  

close the loop

Automate your processes

Automatically trigger workflows, tasks, and approvals directly from Slack and email. We will notify the right person, at the right time, in the right order, with exactly what needs to be done. No more chasing down colleagues or wondering if if something was dropped.

Integrate 1500+ Apps

Integrate your processes

Connect the apps you use every day. Kick off workflows automatically from 1500+ apps and automatically update those same apps as your process progresses. Capture and track human to-do’s and add process tracking to your team's existing systems.

How Wrangle Manages A Process

Wrangle can manage any process.
Here's an example of how you could manage a sales quoting process.

Intake Form

Sales goes into Slack and uses a Wrangle form to request a quote.


Task List

Wrangle assigns tasks to solution architects to create the quote.


Task One


Task Two


Task Three


Wrangle gives buttons to the VPs of Sales and Support to approve.


Updates Salesforce

Wrangle updates Salesforce with the quote, once both VPs sign off.

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The Best Way to Run Your Operations

Give super powers to your operations pros across every team.
Automate any kind of approval or process.

Customer Success

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Work Sign-offs

  • Account Check-ins


  • Contract Management

  • Risk Review

  • Inbound Requests


  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Vendor Approval

  • Reporting and Expenses


  • Sales Quoting Approval

  • Lead Acceptance

  • Reporting and Expenses


  • Content Approvals and Reviews

  • Collateral Requests

  • Event Management


  • Recruiting and Onboarding

  • PTO Requests

  • Employee Recognition

Wrangle Helps You Scale Your Organization

As teams grow, confusion grows and processes become tougher to maintain. New people don’t know the process, can’t find it, and don’t know who to keep in the loop.

Wrangle has your back. Set up a standard process that everyone can see. Then automate them by triggering tasks and approvals directly in Slack. Wrangle reminds each person what they need to do and when. Humans connected, confusion solved.

Companies today have hundreds of apps they rely on, from SalesForce to Quickbooks, to Zendesk, to Slack. All of them have critical data, but none of them are talking to each other.

Wrangle measures the human flow that is not measured in these apps and fully integrates your workflows into 1500 apps, seamlessly triggering tasks or approvals and updating every system and person when things are done. 

Every org has critical people that make their business run. Their know-how is critical, but it often leaves when they do. In addition, scaling them is critical, but also extremely tough to accomplish.

Wrangle helps your superstars document their knowledge and process so their awesomeness is institutionalized and you can create new superstars. And in the process, you can help those key employees focus on strategic efforts, not routing work and managing processes.

Today’s growing organizations rely on distributed teams more than ever. People are working in different timezones, on different projects, and with different goals.

Wrangle makes sure everyone is on the same page and connected, making the process clear and automating the critical touch points - telling people exactly what needs to be done or approved and how things are progressing.