If you can whiteboard it, you can Wrangle it.

Process modeling

Map your Processes in Seconds

Design and document processes with our visual, drag-and-drop process designer and form builder. Use custom forms, tasks, and approvals. With Wrangle, you have a clear process that everyone can see.

workflow diagramming

Route Work with Your Business Rules

Utilize conditional logic to determine the proper path for the workflow to follow. Create as many paths in your workflow as needed, based on  scenarios in each piece of work in the flow.

process documentation

Assign Responsibility at Every Step

Easily assign people or teams to every step of the flow so the roles and responsibilities in the workflow are clear.

Process automation

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Automatically notify the right person, in the right order, at the right time, with exactly what they need to do. Tasks and approvals can be done with one-click buttons in Slack and Email. Wrangle follows up until the process is complete.


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Wrangle Streamlines Your Operations

Online Process Mapping

Use Wrangle's drag-and-drop process designer to document your workflow. Dynamically route and assign work with your business rules.

Improve Processes

Leave the manual work, paper and spreadsheets behind. Wrangle automates each step of the process, showing where bottlenecks are forming.

Unlimited Automation

Automate any process and notify the right person at the right time. Build workflows with intake forms, one-click approval buttons, and task lists.

Collaborate and Connect

Seamlessly connect all your teams, and the apps they're using, into one workflow. Always hit timelines with automated notifications via Slack or email.

Empower Your Team With Process Mapping

Give super powers to your operations pros across every team.
Automate any kind of approval or process.

Customer Success

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Work Sign-offs

  • Account Check-ins


  • Contract Management

  • Risk Review

  • Inbound Requests


  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Vendor Approval

  • Reporting and Expenses


  • Sales Quoting Approval

  • Lead Acceptance

  • Reporting and Expenses


  • Content Approvals and Reviews

  • Collateral Requests

  • Event Management


  • Recruiting and Onboarding

  • PTO Requests

  • Employee Recognition