Deliver high-touch customer support in Slack

Wrangle is a modern ticketing platform for B2B teams in Slack Connect. Wrangle grows customers, decreases churn, and scales your team’s efforts.

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Meet your customers where they work

Deliver superior CX in Slack Connect without sacrificing visibility.

Faster response times

Reduce ticket resolution times by 50%

Higher customer satisfaction

Grow customers and build stronger relationships through chat

Increased visibility into team performance

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks and scale your team

A flexible help desk, built for a new kind of support

Slack conversations with customers are faster and feel more personal. But, it’s too easy for things to get missed amid the chaos. That’s where Wrangle can help.

Keep and grow your customers through high-touch support

Wrangle helps you deliver high-touch support in Slack Connect chats. Agents can be more personable in chat, where all your customers’ messages get turned into trackable tickets.

Handle more customers per agent

Wrangle helps your agents cover more customers in less time. With automation, ticket deflection, and SLA alarms, your team will scale as your company grows.

Monitor and report on all Slack Connect interactions

Wrangle automates all the reporting you need to see how your team is doing. See the overall trends in ticket volume, response times, and per-agent performance. Know when it’s time to hire based on real-time data.

Wrangle handles internal help desk ticketing too!

Do you or your colleagues support other teams via an internal help desk?

Wrangle works for IT, HR, legal, finance, and operations uses as well. Track tickets and use workflows to automate recurring processes.

Hear what our clients say

"Wrangle saves us hundreds of hours a month"

“We’re growing rapidly, and Wrangle is the tool behind the scenes keeping our workflows on track in Slack. Wrangle saves us hundreds of hours a month while also ensuring nothing gets lost in the chaos of Slack.”

Reuben Doetsch

Co-Founder and CTO, AvantStay

"Wrangle is what slack is missing"

“Wrangle has been a fantastic partner. Their customer service is top-notch. They welcome feedback and are quick to address any issues. Our team loves Wrangle.”

KC Procter

Director of Operations, The Speaker Lab

"Swiss army knife meets low/no code process automator"

“Wrangle is intuitive and straightforward to stand up and use out of the box. Anything we couldn't configure ourselves was an easy lift for the team at Wrangle. Their customer support and service are best in class.”

Ian Bradley

SVP of Operations, Breakout Finance

Integrate Wrangle with all your favorite tools

Wrangle integrates with Zapier, allowing you to integrate your Wrangle tickets seamlessly with the rest of your tech stack.

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