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Wrangle is a modern ticketing system, built into Slack. It's like Halp, but with approval workflows and more features. Try it out before Halp goes away in June 2024.

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Wrangle has all the ticketing features you’re used to — and more

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Ticketing in Slack channels 

  • Turn any Slack message into a ticket
  • Work with end users in shared Slack threads
  • Keep everyone in the loop in chat

Web dashboard for agents

  • Agents can use Slack or the web to manage tickets
  • Sort, filter, and handle tickets at scale with our web dashboard
  • Syncs conversations between Slack and the web

Automations and privacy

  • Automated responses when agents start and resolve tickets
  • Private ticketing for sensitive issues
  • Round robin, canned replies, and custom forms

SLAs and reporting

  • Set SLAs for response time and resolution
  • Remind agents when they’re late
  • Report on performance overall and for each agent

Do more with a modern ticketing engine

Upgrade your ticketing with Wrangle and instantly get more features than Halp has.

Why choose Wrangle over Halp?


Ticket requests

Turn any message in Slack into a ticket (DM, thread, private channel, etc)
Turn inbound Slack messages into tickets automatically
Work in any channel - public or private
Assign multiple queues to one Slack channel
Route requests to different channels dynamically
Show ticket thread in public channels
Private ticketing via DM for sensitive issues
Start tickets from anywhere in Slack with a global shortcut 
Turn any message into a ticket or suggest a workflow with a click
Suggest a workflow the requester can use instead of creating a ticket
Start request via Slack App Home
Use emojis to start a ticket 

Agent Tools

Manage tickets from central agent portal
Two-way Chat synchronization between web app and Slack threads
Reassign open tickets to other queues in Slack and via the web
Customer Satisfaction surveys
Canned replies (custom quick responses to common requests)
Custom form fields
Custom tags
Priority field
Private in-thread comments only visible to other agents
Ticket followers
File attachments 


Enforce agent first response times
Enforce ticket resolution times
Reminders based on due dates 

Customizable Roles and Permissions 

Admins -can create, edit, and manage inboxes and workflows
Agents - can claim and manage tickets
Observers - can view selected queue tickets or workflow instances in web app
Requesters - can start a ticket or workflow
Restrict who can start workflows or tickets


Automatically turn messages in a channel into tickets
Auto-assign new tickets to agents using round robin
Auto-assign tickets to an agent who replies to a ticket
Automatically notify requester the ticket is claimed
Automatically notify requester when a ticket is resolved


Custom multi-step workflows for recurring service requests
No-code workflow builder
Custom forms
Assign checklists of tasks
Conditional routing logic
Reassign open workflow tasks and approvals to other Slack users
Add custom steps to open workflow instances as they progress
Allow approvers to request changes and send back to requester
Set a due date with custom reminders based on form data
Set custom due dates for individual tasks, approvals, and forms within a workflow
Send agents reminders when they're late to take action
Easy-to-use workflow templates
Private workflows for sensitive data / issues


Full data export
Ticket analytics
Agent analytics
Requester analytics
Customer satisfaction reporting
Workflow-specific reporting


Dedicated CSM
Get support from us in a Slack Connect channel
Workflow review and co-build support

Ready for next-generation conversational ticketing?

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Faster resolution times
Better transparency and customer satisfaction
Automated workflows with conditional logic to route work

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Hear What Our Clients Say

KC Procter

Director of Ops, The Speaker Lab

“Wrangle is what Slack is missing”

“Wrangle has been a fantastic partner. Their customer service is top-notch. They welcome feedback and are quick to address any issues. Our team loves Wrangle.”

Reuben Doetsch

CTO, AvantStay

“Wrangle saves us hundreds of hours a month”

“We’re growing rapidly, and Wrangle is the tool behind the scenes keeping our workflows on track in Slack. Wrangle saves us hundreds of hours a month while also ensuring nothing gets lost in the chaos of Slack.”

Ian Bradley

SVP of Operations, Breakout Finance

Swiss army knife meets low/no code process automator

“Wrangle is intuitive and straightforward to stand up and use out of the box. Anything we couldn't configure ourselves was an easy lift for the team at Wrangle. Their customer support and service are best in class.”

Ryan Shaver

Corporate IT Manager, SamCart

My end users adopted it willingly!

“Most IT tools fall into the “pick-two” dilemma. IT managers are forced to choose between easy, flexible, and affordable. Wrangle manages to deliver on all three. Wrangle is so easy to use that my end users adopted it willingly!”

Lindsay Rivera

Operations Manager, CED

Wrangle is a workflow savior!

“With Wrangle, we've been able to easily automate processes related to finance. Instead of spending valuable time chasing each other down for information, Wrangle does the work for us.”

James Avery

CEO, Kevel

“Wrangle is vastly superior”

“At Kevel, we have been using Wrangle to handle approvals for enterprise contracts, and it's vastly superior to previous email threads and slack conversations. We keep it all in slack, and it's very clear when each person has approved, and who is left to approve.”

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