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7 Automated Marketing Workflows to Improve Team Performance

Marketers are under pressure to ship. Automating marketing workflows can help you get into market fast with fewer mistakes.

November 1, 2022

Workflows help us automate mundane tasks, freeing up our most valuable asset - our time. Any department can use workflows from IT, sales, HR, legal, accounting, support, and marketing.

Workflows are made up of steps that are taken to finalize a task or project. For example, think about a marketing budget review. There could be dozens of tasks involved in creating, approving, and socializing a marketing budget. Workflows help take those disparate steps and turn them into a manageable process that can be measured and, in many cases, automated.

How can you use workflows to free up your marketing team's time? The examples are endless. We've highlighted seven that we frequently see at Wrangle.

1. Budget Approval Workflows

As we discussed, budget approvals are an example of a workflow that a marketing team frequently implements. Instead of managing discussion and iteration in a series of disconnected communication channels, teams use workflow automation to kick off the approvals and see the status of the request. Budgets often require several iterations before approval. Using a workflow allows you to automate that approval process and keep track of the approval status.

2. Copy Review Workflows

Delivering the right content to the right audience using a multi-touch media mix is key for building awareness and landing a conversion. Many times, there are several teams that may need to sign off on a piece of copy, whether it’s a blog or a change to a landing page. By using an automated copy review workflow, an author can automatically submit a potential change and route the request to the relevant editor for review, approval, or edits. Advanced workflows can even take the approved content and automatically route it to the appropriate web development resource to make the change.

3. Design Review Workflows

The creative process is exciting, detailed, and chaotic. Design workflows help bring some order to the chaos by automating the review of each iteration of a design. When a designer completes a proof, she can submit an intake form and automatically route it to the relevant reviewer. The reviewer can approve or provide feedback. Workflow automation tools take the back and forth process of design reviews and transform it into a measurable process with a clear audit trail of feedback and approvals.

4. Social Media Workflows

Social media managers are bombarded with promotional requests. They must balance the organization's needs with the performance requirements of the channels they're managing while effectively responding to the barrage of requests they receive daily for content promotion. Workflows can help them keep track of the inbound requests by automating the content and review process. Requestees can submit content requests through an intake form. Once the social media manager has reviewed and prioritized, she can approve or deny the content request automating and alerting the requestee to the next steps.

5. Email Newsletter Workflows

Most marketing departments are managing some form of a newsletter. In many cases, they're juggling several, each designed for a specific persona. Chances are your newsletter is comprised of content from several different sources. You'll need copy, design, HTML, and access to the marketing stack that sends the email newsletter. Workflows can combine these tasks into a cohesive flow, keeping teams aligned throughout the newsletter production process. Instead of emailing each stakeholder when assets are ready, a workflow can collect everything needed at each step of the process and automatically alert relevant stakeholders at the appropriate time.

6. Landing Page Workflows

Creating landing pages is a big part of a performance marketing manager's job. Whether it’s a page for a Google Ads campaign or a social media promotion, marketing teams are constantly churning out landing pages for their personas. We've discussed the different landing page components in the previous examples. While teams can have separate workflows for each piece of a landing page, like copy and design, if you're a large organization, you could build one workflow to rule them all. For example, step one of the workflow might be the copy review. Once that's complete, it can proceed to the design review. When the design is complete, the next step might route to the web developer. Workflows can automate the process and keep the project transparent for all stakeholders.

7. Tradeshow workflow automation

How many tasks are involved in planning a tradeshow? A lot! Budget approval, landing page design, and copy, booth construction, shipments, hotels - talk about a project that needs some organization! Workflows can help. Imagine having a pre-defined process your teams can kickoff at the beginning of the planning phase for any conference or event. Automated workflows can help create a standardized flow that collects the relevant information and helps your team by guiding them through the process until the day of the event.

Automate your marketing workflows with Wrangle

Automating your marketing processes is the key to unlocking your valuable time for strategic work. By using workflow automation, you'll begin to build transparency and efficiency in your task management. There are hundreds of examples where workflows can help. Whether you're in ops, pr, performance, social media, content management, or paid media, you can automate your processes with workflows to save time and ship work faster.

Wrangle helps marketing teams like yours by bringing workflow automation into your Slack channels. You can build any of the workflows described above and allow your team to use them in chat. Wrangle provides you with templates to get started, but you have the flexibility to build powerful automated workflows that fit the needs of your team. You don’t need technical knowledge to get started. Anyone can use our no-code workflow builder to create automation that fits their process. Start using Wrangle for free!

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