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Introducing Wrangle

Introducing Wrangle: easy process automation for busy teams

May 13, 2020

We (Adam Smith and Adam Long) are so excited to be launching Wrangle, where we will make it painless for growing companies to map, automate, and improve their processes. We have worked together over the past 12 years at Square 1 Bank and Automated Insights and our goal in building Wrangle is to help others spend less time on the internal growing pains of tracking and enforcing processes, and more time actually growing their business and maximizing their teams.


The idea for Wrangle was born out of our own experiences scaling our last start up, Automated Insights (Ai). At Ai, Adam Smith was Chief Operating Officer and Adam Long was Chief Product Officer. We grew the company to 80+ employees, had great partnerships with fortune 500 customers, and were acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

It was a great ride with wonderful people. However, as the company grew from a small group of 10 to a company of 80 employees with departments and layers of management, gaps in communication and silos emerged. As we added product lines, remote teams, and countless new SaaS applications, the operational strain got worse. We spent much of our time designing processes to try to make it clear how things should flow and who was responsible, only to spend all of our time following up to see if things were working. We tried to solve the problem in a myriad of ways, from Trello to Excel to Confluence to company meetings, but none of them really worked.

We always thought there had to be a better way. So we built it. 


Wrangle is easy process automation for busy teams. When you have recurring workflows, like onboarding new customers or approving a new sales quote, it's hard to track whose turn it is to take action and even what action needs to be taken. Wrangle lets organizations collaborate and map out their processes with our visual workflow designer. Then Wrangle notifies the right person at the right time with exactly what needs to be done. They can do their tasks and approvals inside Slack or email with one-click buttons. Follow up at each step is automated, progress is transparent for all, and managers get insights on what is working and where the bottlenecks are. 

Wrangle is connected to over 1500 apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Docusign, GSuite, and more. Wrangle workflows can be kicked off when things happen in an app (e.g. a deal moves to a new stage). Wrangle can also update those same apps as the flow progresses (e.g. sending out a fully-approved email campaign) so that everything is up to date in all systems of record.

With Wrangle, there are no new apps to learn or behaviors to change. The process is transparent for all. No more worrying about things falling through the cracks. 


Our goal with Wrangle is to help operations professionals in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Finance, HR, and Legal quickly map out and implement processes that everyone in the organization will follow. From sales hand-offs to customer onboarding, marketing campaign approvals to contract management, vendor approval to PTO, to hiring and recruiting, we can help.

No process is too big or too small. If you can whiteboard it, you can Wrangle it. 

We want to help others with the problems we encountered.

We want to help cut out the endless postmortem meetings, the process update emails, and the hounding of peers and managers for updates. 

We want to help growing companies ramp new employees faster with transparent processes that kick off and complete themselves, and that keep everyone in the loop automatically.

We want to help remote teams better collaborate by automating the critical touch points, making progress clear, and letting them stay in Slack.

We want to ease “app overload” and help break down silos, by connecting all your apps together and letting them drive and be driven by your businesses workflows. 

We want to scale the “glue” employees by documenting and institutionalizing their critical know-how.  

We want to create an environment where everyone is focused on growing the business and helping customers, not remembering who needs to be updated.

We want to help you learn, remove bottlenecks, and continuously improve your operations.


We are currently in closed beta. Request access on our home page, we would love to have you check it out!.

Thank you!

We can’t wait to launch Wrangle and hope to work with many of you in the days, weeks, and years to come.

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