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Wrangle 2023 Review and 2024 Preview!

2023 was a huge year - we grew revenue by 4x, partnered with great new customers, got featured by Slack twice, and launched a brand new product.

January 1, 2024
The Wrangle team

Wow, what a year! 2023 was a pivotal year for Wrangle. We found a huge market in ticketing and we launched a brand new product to address it (more below).

In addition to rapidly evolving the product, we grew our revenue by 4x, partnered with great new enterprise customers, got featured by Slack twice, and closed a new funding round. 

And we’re just getting started - here we come 2024!

🚀 2023 highlights at Wrangle

It was a huge year for the purple 🐙!

  • 4X Revenue Growth (YoY)
  • 230% Grow in new customers (YoY)
  • 340% User growth (YoY)
  • 200K+ approvals, tasks, tickets done
  • We were featured as a top app by Slack for 3 months of the year
  • We raised $2MM in New Funding
  • Our customers cut their ticket resolution times by 50% on average by using Wrangle

New Funding

We closed a seed round of funding, led by new investor Accomplice, who was joined by other new investors Correlation Ventures and Tweener Fund. Existing investors Bloomberg Beta, Eniac Ventures, Liquid 2 Ventures, and TDF Ventures all participated, building on our pre-seed round in 2022.

The round enabled us to accelerate our product and go-to-market efforts with amazing new Wranglers in engineering and sales. 

Slack Features Wrangle

Slack "Featured" Wrangle as a top three app on the Slack App Directory for three months in 2023 (August, Nov, Dec). There are over 3000 Slack partner apps and “Featured” is the top category for Slack applications. Wrangle was also showcased in “Essential Apps” and top “Working from Home” apps.

Wrangle’s Slack App Directory listing.

Wrangle was featured as a top 3 app for three months in 2023

🦾 Product  

Simplifying the help desk experience

Simplicity is the founding principle behind everything we build. The help desk space is loaded with bloated solutions built for an old way of doing business. People hate filing tickets with  traditional systems — no one wants to go to a web portal and file a ticket only for it to disappear with no feedback. As a result, they overwhelm their colleagues with DMs that at best don’t get tracked and at worst just slip through the cracks.

It was time for a solution built for the way people work today. A solution as simple as having a conversation.

So we set out to create a true modern help desk built for how companies work today. With Wrangle’s ticketing launch in 2023, creating a ticket is now as easy as sending a Slack message. Wrangle automatically tracks the message as a ticket, backed by a web dashboard that agents can monitor to make sure no work gets dropped. Wrangle captures all the context, reminds people when to take action, and gives you insights into how your team is performing. Best of all, there is no context switching or lack of transparency because your users don’t have to ever leave Slack to get help.

We are now helping companies reduce ticket resolution times by 50-75%, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. And we do this while also:

  • Reducing dropped balls and untracked requests (60-70% of tickets never get filed with traditional tools)
  • Increasing visibility of team performance
  • Giving a full audit trail complete with conversational context
  • Increasing transparency and customer satisfaction with their colleagues

It’s frictionless ticketing powered by your conversations. We hope you will check it out and give us your feedback!

Product Updates

A subset of features launched by the product team in 2023

The product team shipped hundreds of updates to our workflow and ticketing products in 2023. 🚀Some of the big items included:

Q1  - Beta of our new ticketing product - Wrangle Transforms Slack Channels into Automated Help Desks

  • Agent portal with web to Slack chat sync
  • SLAs and reminders
  • Custom forms
  • Ticketing tags

Q2 - launched v2 of the ticketing product, plus:

Q3 - came out of beta, added additional powerful functionality

Q4 - became the premier modern conversational ticketing platform

2024 Here we come

We have big news coming in 2024 on the product side of the house. And despite the economic challenges, Wrangle continues to grow. The future is bright and its thanks to the users and team behind Wrangle.  Let’s get some work done together in 2024! 

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