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New in Wrangle: 🦾 AI Powered Ticketing, 🧑‍💻“My Dashboard”, and 🎟️ Tickets by Emoji

Wrangle launches AI powered ticketing, new "my dashboard" functionality, and makes it easy to turn Slack messages into tickets using emojis.

December 11, 2023

2023 was huge for Wrangle product advances, and 2024 is starting off with a bang. 

🦾 AI Powered Ticketing

We will be adding a ton of new AI powered features in the coming weeks, and we’ve kicked things off by using artificial intelligence to decide when to reopen a ticket.

How it works

We already had a feature to reopen a ticket if the requester responds to the thread of a resolved or closed ticket. This can be great if the user is asking for additional help, but it can be annoying if they are just saying “thank you!”

Problem solved: we're using the same technology behind ChatGPT to decide whether the requester actually wants more help before we reopen the ticket. Now if the requester is just saying thanks for a great job, the ticket will stay closed.

This is just the start; there is so much more to come with the power of AI, so stay tuned! 

🧑‍💻“My Dashboard” on the web

We're pleased to announce a new way to keep track of your Wrangle requests: My Dashboard in the Wrangle web app! 

How it works

For users who prefer to manage tickets and workflows from the web, you can use My Dashboard to see Waiting on me, Created by me, and Followed by me requests. You'll no longer need to bounce back and forth between Slack and the web to see your personalized queue of to-dos! Learn more.

The My Dashboard view joins our Tickets and Workflows dashboards giving you the ability to view open items in the way that works best for you.

My dashboard in action

🎟️ Tickets by Emoji 🎫

We're also announcing a faster way to turn Slack messages into tickets. Now you can quickly turn any message into a ticket by reacting with either ticket emoji (🎫 or 🎟️). Once added, Wrangle will automatically turn that message into a trackable ticket. 

Ticket emoji reaction automatically turning a message into a trackable ticket

Seeing closed tickets at a glance

In addition to starting a ticket with an emoji, Wrangle will also now display a ✅emoji reaction for any ticket that is marked closed or resolved. Now it’s easier than ever to scan a ticketing channel to see which tickets are still open and which are closed.

Green checkmark reaction emojis quickly show you which tickets are closed or resolved

🔒 Private comments

These changes come on top of using the ability to add private agent-only comments to tickets using the 🔒 emoji, which launched last month. Learn more.

Stay tuned! 👀

There you have it! Give these new features a try and let us know what you think. 

And there are plenty more exciting new features on the way, so we hope you’ll stick around to see them! Here’s to a great 2024! 

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