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Big Product News: Private Ticketing and Reporting Dashboards

New in Wrangle - private tickets (private channels for agents, notify requesters by DM), ticket reporting dashboards, and ticket followers.

August 28, 2023

Our Wrangle ticketing product has been growing rapidly since we launched it early this year. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of three of the most requested features we’ve received - the ability to handle private tickets, enhanced reporting, and adding ticket followers

🔒 A privacy layer in Slack for HR, Legal, IT, and Finance teams.

Many common ticketing requests benefit from the transparency of being in public channels (technical support requests, equipment repair, or access requests). However, for teams such as HR, Legal, and Finance, many of their requests involve sensitive issues or information that needs to be kept confidential.

Today Wrangle has added the ability to create ticketing inboxes in private channels and keep your requester up to date via DM.

So now an HR team dealing with employee information, a legal team working on a contract, or a finance team handling confidential data, can all collaborate on those requests with only their agents seeing the tickets that have been filed.

Wrangle DMs the requester so those teams can chat directly with the requester and keep them up to date right in Slack - no context switching needed. 

Configuration screen for Wrangle private ticketing inbox. Requesters will be notified via DM.

How it works:

When you create a new Wrangle ticketing inbox, you’ll now have the option to choose a private channel as the inbox channel. If your requesters don’t belong to that private channel, you’ll also have the option to notify requesters via DM, which will send them ticket updates via DM instead of in their Slack threads (more on set up  in our docs here).

Example private ticket. Agents get notified in a private channel, requesters get a DM.

Wrangle can also handle private workflows for recurring confidential/sensitive requests like employee onboarding/offboarding, budget approvals, contract management, and more (more info here).

📊 Ticket Reporting Dashboards

Wrangle ticket reporting dashboard

Now in the Wrangle web app you can see a full reporting dashboard to track all your team’s KPIs, including:

  • Ticket volume 
  • Top requesters
  • Tickets created (in week and vs average)
  • Tickets completed (in week and vs average)
  • Average and median first completion and overall completion times - for the team and by agent
  • Top agents by ticket volume and completion time

You can view this data across all your ticketing inboxes or filter your report down to a specific subset or individual queue. Learn more here.

Agent level reporting

 👀 Ticket Followers

With this release, we have also added the ability for agents to add followers to tickets. Learn more.

When used with public tickets, followers are automatically subscribed to the thread and will get updates as the ticket progresses. This is very helpful for issues like a wifi outage where large groups of people want to know when the issue is fixed. It also keeps those extra duplicate tickets from piling up. 

You can also add followers with private tickets. In this case, the followers get a DM so they can follow and participate in the ticket without seeing any requests that they shouldn’t have access to in the private channel.

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