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Wrangle Expands Zapier Integration into Ticketing

Zapier integration allows you to pass relevant ticketing details to your favorite technology stacks

July 25, 2023

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our Zapier integration to include Wrangle tickets! Our original integration connected Wrangle workflows to thousands of other apps. Now, you have access to two new triggers and one new action to seamlessly integrate your Wrangle tickets inbox with the rest of your tech stack.

Connect Wrangle tickets to your favorite platforms through Zapier

Our expanded Zapier integration allows you to pass relevant ticketing details to your favorite technology stacks. You’ll find this helpful if you’re interested in passing information about tickets created in Wrangle into another platform, like an ITSM platform. Your tickets have access to a vast ecosystem of over 5,000+ applications.

How to Get Started

If you have a process that needs to run in parallel with new tickets as they’re created, use the Ticket Created trigger. This is great for logging tickets as they come into another source of truth while your agents continue resolving tickets in the Wrangle app.

Use the Ticket Completed trigger to send your ticket data to another app after tickets are closed or resolved. Use this trigger to create automated reports, communicate ticket outcomes to external stakeholders, or even kick off a Wrangle workflow!

And finally, if you want to use another app besides Slack to programmatically launch tickets, use the Start a Ticket in Wrangle action. For example, external requesters can fill out a form outside of Slack, then use their form responses to create a new ticket.

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