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Wrangle raises $2MM to help companies upgrade their operations for the future of work.

Wrangle has raised $2MM to upgrade company operations for the future of work.

January 18, 2022

We are excited to announce that Wrangle has raised an oversubscribed $2MM pre-seed round led by Bloomberg Beta and Eniac Ventures, with participation from Liquid 2 Ventures, Hustle Fund, TDF Ventures, and over 20 founder angels.

The future of work is remote and hybrid companies using automation to run their operations. Wrangle automates a company’s workflows, approvals, and tickets – tracking work and notifying people to take action in chat platforms like Slack.

”The AvantStay team has been growing rapidly and Wrangle is the tool behind the scenes that keeps our workflows on track in Slack. We use it for everything from processing refunds to managing changes to property listings. Wrangle saves us hundreds of hours a month while also ensuring nothing gets lost in the chaos of Slack.

- Reuben Doetsch, Co-founder of AvantStay

The round will turbo-charge our mission to change how companies are run, helping them scale their operations using the latest communication platforms. We will use the funds to grow the team, expand the product, and accelerate our marketing efforts. 

We were also excited to have TechCrunch cover the round as well.

The Future of Work is Conversational

86% of tech employees are working remotely and 65% want to stay that way. The pandemic that drove this trend is entering another wave and it’s clear companies have to embrace this way of working. Worse, every department in a modern company is using their own SaaS application to manage their operations.

Companies have tried to counter these forces by putting everyone into chat platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams (which have over 250mm daily active users, growing rapidly). However, these chat platforms aren’t made for running business processes, only for communicating. The result is chaotic channels where requests go unanswered and work falls through the cracks. 

Wrangle is solving this problem by giving companies a new way to run their operations directly where the conversation happens. Wrangle lets teams build, execute, and report on their workflows — right in Slack and Teams. 

Wrangle is a no-code platform that can automate any kind of process, whether that’s employee onboarding, contract approvals, help tickets, or any other recurring work. Wrangle gathers requests with forms, assigns and notifies people to follow-up, and tracks their progress for everyone to follow.


Since the launch of the Wrangle Slack app in Feb 2021, over 800 organizations have used our no-code workflow builder to automate their workflows, including growing technology companies, financial institutions, investor groups, restaurant chains, and one of the largest car dealership chains in the country.

Thousands of users at those organizations have completed over 10,000 workflows – automating critical processes as their teams grow, saving them hundreds of hours, and modernizing how they work.

Angels participating

We are so proud to have over 20 prominent founders investing in the round, including:

  • Christian Bach, co-founder of Netlify
  • Chris Bakke, founder of Laskie and Interviewed (acquired by Indeed)
  • Ben Tossell, founder of Makerpad (acquired by Zapier)
  • Ben Weinberger, founder of Digitalsmiths (acquired by Tivo) and founding CPO at SlingTV
  • Sam Clemens, co-founder of Reprise and InsightSquared
  • Marco Zappacosta, founder of Thumbtack
  • Robbie Allen, founder of Automated Insights (acquired by Vista)
  • James Avery, founder of Kevel
  • Alex Lassiter, founder Green Places, and co-founder of Gather (acquired by Vista)
  • Anil Chawla, founder of ArchiveSocial
  • Steve Klein co-founder of (acquired by Atlassian)
  • Pieter-Paul Walraven, founder of Pie (acquired by Google)
  • Jason Burke, founder of All Stage and co-founder of TBD Angels

About the Team

Wrangle (, is a remote company based in Durham, North Carolina. The founders, Adam Smith and Adam Long, have worked together at three companies. They were COO and CTO at Automated Insights previously, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners. Automated Insights powered natural language generation stories for media companies like the Associated Press and Yahoo and visual analytics companies like Tableau. 

Their first-hand experience as executives at a growing startup convinced them that all companies need workflow software made for the new way of working.

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