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Monitor individual workflow instances on the web

Wrangle has released instance view, a new way to interact with your workflows and tickets in the Wrangle dashboard.

August 24, 2022

Wrangle has released instance view, a new section of our dashboard that lets you dive into the details of a workflow. Previously, users had to switch back and forth between the Wrangle web application and Slack. Now, you can see everything in one place when researching the history or progress of a workflow instance.

Instance view gives you a detailed summary of your workflows

Users who are looking for a complete view of a specific ticket or request will find the instance view helpful. You’ll be able to:

  • Quickly toggle between instances to see where they all stand
  • Identify which stage of a workflow is blocking completion
  • See who has approved a workflow
  • Determine how long each workflow step has taken
  • View all completed tasks for a workflow
  • Keep up with which steps of a workflow need to be completed and who they will be assigned to
  • Open Slack to complete an approval, finish a task or comment on a workflow thread

How can I see the instance view for my workflows?

To see a workflow’s instance view, visit the Wrangle app in Slack and click “Workflow Dashboard.” Alternatively, you can log in to the web application at When you reach the dashboard, click on the workflow you’re interested in reviewing.

When you see your workflow requests, simply click on the one you’d like to see in the instance view. Or quickly toggle through each workflow using the arrows. When instance view opens, you’ll have a complete summary of the request. By default, we’ll display the information that was submitted in the intake form. If you click on “Progress”, you’ll see the completed and upcoming workflow steps. By default, Wrangle displays the information for the current step of the workflow. You can click on each individual step for more details. You’ll find useful information like who submitted the intake form, who completed a step, and which steps still need to be completed by whom.

Start using Wrangle’s instance view:

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