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Wrangle chosen as part of the launch of Slack AI

Slack has 13,500 AI Apps and Wrangle was one of 20 partners selected to be part of their Slack AI launch and new AI-Powered Productivity App Directory

February 14, 2024

Salesforce and Slack are going all in on leveraging artificial intelligence and Wrangle is honored to be part of the announcement of Slack AI

Slack’s customers and partners have built over 13,500 AI Slack Apps and Wrangle was one of 20 partners selected to be part of the launch of their new AI-Powered Productivity App Directory.

Slack AI-Powered Productivity Partners

“We are proud to broaden our partnership with Slack and showcase our new AI capabilities. 70% of tickets are repeat questions. With our new AI-powered ticket deflection, we leverage our customer’s knowledge bases to answer common questions directly in Slack. This gets requesters actionable answers fast while saving countless hours of valuable agent time."
- Adam Smith, co-founder and CEO, Wrangle

Wrangle has been featured by Slack as a top app multiple times in the past as well as highlighted as a “Essential App.” (check out Wrangle’s Slack App Directory listing). 

We are proud to continue that partnership and help launch the AI-Powered Productivity category  alongside great companies like Box, Perplexity, Notion, Linear, Canva, and others. 

Wrangle Featured by Slack as Top App

Wrangle and AI

As part of the announcement of Slack AI, we're thrilled to announce the beta launch of our newest addition to Wrangle: AI-powered ticket deflection

Leveraging your trusted internal documentation and the powerful large language models behind OpenAI, Wrangle can now answer common questions posted by your colleagues in Slack help channels, saving your agents valuable time and letting them focus on more critical work. 

Whether it’s a question about company policies covered in your employee handbook, device setup instructions outlined in your IT team’s wiki, or even product FAQs detailed in your external help center – if your knowledge base has the answers, Wrangle can leverage them.

If you're interested in joining the ticket deflection beta, email us at or request a demo to see it in action.

Wrangle thread response powered by AI

Repeat requests burn massive amounts of time for agents. With AI-powered ticket deflection, these requests never cross an agent’s desk. Now your colleagues can get quick responses powered by your trusted documentation, and your agents can spend their time on more important issues. 

And this is just the beginning…

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