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🤖 AI-Powered Ticket Deflection is here!

Leveraging AI, Wrangle can now answer common questions posted by your colleagues in Slack help channels.

April 10, 2024

In today’s modern workplace, people need answers quickly, and communication tools like Slack make asking for help easier than ever before. IT, HR, and other ops teams often have dedicated Slack channels where other teams can ask questions and submit requests. These channels are often among the liveliest in a workspace, since it’s so easy to pop in, ask for help, and get assistance from a subject matter expert.

Unfortunately, a common side effect when communication is so simple is an abundance of duplicate requests. In fact, over 70% of tickets are repeat questions! Too much agent time is spent handling these repeat questions or copying and pasting answers from a knowledge base, when it could be spent prioritizing more valuable requests. 

That’s where Wrangle comes in!

Introducing conversational ticketing - powered by Artificial Intelligence

We're thrilled to announce the beta launch of our newest addition to Wrangle: AI-powered ticket deflection! 

Leveraging your trusted internal documentation and the powerful large language models behind OpenAI, Wrangle can now answer common questions posted by your colleagues in Slack help channels - saving your agents valuable time and letting them focus on more critical work. 

Whether it’s a question about company policies covered in your employee handbook, device setup instructions outlined in your IT team’s wiki, or even product FAQs detailed in your external help center – if your knowledge base has the answers, Wrangle can leverage them and provide answers.

Wrangle using AI to respond to a help request

How it works

When you set up a Slack-based ticket inbox using Wrangle, you can now upload PDF documents from your knowledge base about common topics that your team handles (for example, HR benefits information, how to add new vendors with procurement, common IT troubleshooting steps, and so on).

With automatic ticket creation enabled, Wrangle will review all new messages in your inbox channel and scan your documents for a potential answer. If a match is found, Wrangle will reply to the requester with both a summary of the relevant information and links to the relevant document(s). If the requester confirms that their question has been answered, no ticket will be created, and your agents won’t have to review the request. But if the requester still needs assistance, Wrangle will open a ticket and ping your agents.

If the answer is not yet in your documentation, Wrangle will automatically create a ticket and route it to your team, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Learn more. 

If you're interested in joining the ticket deflection beta, email us at or request a demo to see it in action.

AI-Ticket Deflection in action

Simplicity and Productivity

At Wrangle our goal is to build a new kind of ticketing for how people work today. A platform that seamlessly integrates with how teams communicate and requires no context switching between different apps to ask for help. A platform that makes filing a ticket as simple and transparent as sending a Slack message. 

Adding AI helps us scale this goal by maximizing agent productivity on the work that matters.

Repeat requests burn massive amounts of time for agents. Canned replies, while effective time-savers, still require an agent to spend precious time reviewing the ticket to begin with. But with AI-powered ticket deflection, these requests never cross an agent’s desk. Now your colleagues can get quick responses powered by your trusted documentation, and your agents can spend their time on more important issues. 

Maximizing agent productivity is critical to scaling a company. At Wrangle, we’re here to help you make that happen.

This is just the beginning

AI-powered ticket deflection is another step on our automation journey. Wrangle has already added AI features like smart reopen for tickets. We’ve also been recognized by Slack as part of their launch of Slack AI. Out of 13,000 AI Apps, we were one of 20 partners chosen to be part of their new AI-Powered Productivity App Directory. 

Slack’s Top 20 AI Partners

But this is not the end. We will continue to expand and hone our ticket deflection capabilities, and there will be many more AI-powered improvements in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

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