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Upgrade your Customer Success Efforts - Wrangle is live in Slack Connect

Wrangle's new external help desk product in Slack Connect helps CX, support, and sales teams personally engage, grow, and support their customers.

February 19, 2024

🚀 Wrangle + Slack Connect = Supercharged Customer Success

We are excited to announce that Wrangle has launched a new external help desk product that works in Slack Connect and helps CX, support, and sales teams personally engage, grow, and support their customers.

If you work with customers, vendors, or contractors via Slack Connect, you can now use Wrangle to automatically create tickets and deliver insights on your customer conversations.

Frictionless ticketing powered by your conversations

When we started Wrangle our goal was to build a new kind of ticketing and workflow platform that worked for how people work today. We have been working with internal teams (IT, HR, Ops) for years, and now we are bringing our approach to CX.

Customer success and support teams deal in conversations, and those discussions are critical for the success of an organization. By delivering support in Slack, organizations can interact with customers in a high-touch and personalized way that’s impossible in traditional ticketing systems and email. However, things can get lost amid the chaos of a lot of customer channels. 

That’s where Wrangle comes in. Wrangle automatically turns Slack messages into trackable and transparent tickets and helps customer success teams grow customers, decrease churn and scale their reach by:

  • Driving 50% faster resolution times
  • Insuring nothing falls through the cracks
  • Raising customer satisfaction
  • Increasing visibility into team performance 

How it works

Enabling a Wrangle inbox for your Slack Connect channel lets you easily create tickets directly from your collaborators' messages, giving them the same visibility into their requests that your internal requesters already know and love. Learn more.

🧑💻 Make it easy to create tickets

Wrangle makes filing a ticket as easy as sending a message in Slack. No training, no context switching — you can provide service from any Slack channel or thread. 

- Turn any message into a ticket automatically or by emoji

- Enhance transparency in threads by showing users the status of their ticket

🎟️ Ensure no tickets slip through the cracks

Wrangle enables your team to provide outstanding service. It assigns the right agents, reminds them if they take too long, and provides dashboards to make sure no ticket gets left behind. 

- Easily see which tickets are open and in need of a resolution

- Keep response times on target with priority levels, reminders, and SLAs

- Capture CSAT with customer satisfaction surveys to identify areas of improvement

📈 Show your team’s hard work with detailed analytics

Wrangle automates all the reporting you need to see how your team is doing. See the overall trends in ticket volume, response times, and per-agent performance. Know when it’s time to hire based on real-time data.

🐙 Handle more customers per agent

Wrangle helps your agents cover more customers in less time. With automation, ticket deflection, and SLA alarms, your team will scale as your company grows.

- Save your agents time with canned replies, automations, and an easy-to-use inbox on the web

- Two-way chat syncing between Slack and the Wrangle web app helps agents handle multiple tickets fast

- Create and route tickets automatically to reduce friction and increase velocity

👀 Stay tuned, there’s so much more on the way!

2023 was huge for Wrangle product advances, and 2024 is starting off with a bang with the launch of CX ticketing in Slack Connect. We will be adding powerful AI tools and other Slack Connect related features, so that customer success teams can improve their customer relationships while spending less time doing it.

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