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Manage your tasks and ticketing on the web in Wrangle’s updated instance view

Big news for Wrangle users! Start using the Wrangle web application to take action on your Slack workflows. See all your tickets and requests in one view.

September 21, 2022

Today, we’re launching one of the most impactful updates to Wrangle that we’ve ever launched. We’re adding the ability to complete approvals, tasks, and forms from the instance view on the web. Now you have a single view of all of your requests and can power through them like an inbox. You can still take action in Slack, and any action you take on the web will update the Slack thread at the same time.

Your users’ experience will remain easy and straightforward. They’ll still be able to start workflows and approvals in Slack, but agents can view and take action on all their tickets in one place. So, now you have the choice of whether you want to take action on their tickets in Slack or  in an inbox-style view on the web.

We’re also adding shareable URLs to instance view. You’ll be able to collaborate easily by sharing the URL of the instance you’re viewing with a colleague.

Instance view can help you better manage workflows and ticketing as well as:

  • Taking action on the web instead of Slack, where your agents can now manage all their work
  • Easily share an instance with a colleague with the URL for collaboration and discussion
  • Quickly toggle between instances to see the status, current step, and who you’re waiting on
  • Identify which stage of a workflow is blocking completion
  • See who has approved a workflow
  • Determine how long each workflow step has taken
  • View all completed tasks for a workflow
  • Keep up with which steps of a workflow need to be completed and who they will be assigned to

Learn more in our help center.

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