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👀 New in Wrangle: Notify requesters via DM, start a workflow on the web, and more!

Now you can use Wrangle for sensitive workflows that you need to keep private.

June 1, 2022

Many HR, finance, and IT workflows have sensitive information, so you may be posting them to a private channel your requesters aren’t in. But because the channels are private, your requesters have been missing out on crucial updates like when their workflow was completed or rejected.

We now have the option to notify requesters via DM instead of in the channel, letting you keep all the sensitive data out of sight while still keeping your requesters in the loop. This setting is just one of a spate of new options we’ve recently added to our web app!

⚙️ How it Works

Open the Wrangle web app, find any workflow, and open the general settings.

You’ll see a toggle to turn on the “Notify requesters by Slack DM instead of in the thread?” setting.

Once enabled, your requesters will get updates via DM from the Wrangle Slack app whenever their workflow progresses from step to step, including when it’s completed or rejected.

An in-progress workflow DM.
A completed workflow DM.
A rejected workflow DM.

Other new functionalities on the web

In addition to notifying requesters for private workflows, we’ve also added the following options to the Wrangle web app:

  • Start workflow on the web. Test your workflow immediately after designing it, directly from the Wrangle web app.
  • Users and permissions. Manage your workflow admins.
  • Export History. Get a CSV of your full workflow history.
  • Archive. Prevent your unused workflows from being started or edited.

Now the Wrangle web app is a one-stop shop for all your workflow management needs!

🙌 How it Helps

  • Keep requesters in the loop automatically. Previously, you had to manually update requesters when their workflow was completed when it posted to a private channel they didn’t belong to. Now Wrangle does the updating for you.
  • Test your workflows with ease. It’s simpler than ever to kick off a workflow after designing it; just kick off an instance directly from the web when you exit the designer!
  • Manage your workflows all in one place. No more bouncing back and forth between Wrangle and Slack when editing your workflows — everything is in a centralized location now.

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