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👀 New in Wrangle: Wrangle Step for Slack Workflow Builder

Use Slack Workflow Builder to trigger one of your Wrangle workflows on a recurring schedule or via a webhook.

April 26, 2022

Have any workflows that need to be launched on a recurring basis or via webhook? Want to trigger an action after your workflow runs, like updating a Google Sheet, creating a PagerDuty incident, and more?

If so, Wrangle’s new “Start a Wrangle Workflow” step for Slack Workflow Builder is for you! Put your workflows on autopilot so you and your team can focus on the actual work!

⚙️ How it Works

Install Wrangle in your Slack Workspace, then use the “Start a Wrangle Workflow” Slack Workflow Builder step to connect one of your Wrangle workflows to a recurring schedule or webhook trigger.

Wrangle's "Start a Wrangle Workflow" step added to a Slack Workflow Builder flow.

Or, add a step after your Wrangle workflow to trigger an action after your workflow has completed, like creating a new spreadsheet row in Google Sheets to make your workflow history visible to other teams.

Using a Slack Workflow Builder shortcut and form to trigger Wrangle.

Need some inspiration? Check out these ideas for workflows you can build using our new Slack Workflow Builder step:

  • Kick off a sales quote approval when a deal reaches a certain stage in your CRM
  • Conduct quarterly vendor security audit checklists
  • Launch your annual employee performance review process
  • Add an approval layer in Slack before creating a PagerDuty incident

🙌 How it Helps

  • Automate your recurring processes. If you have daily/weekly/monthly tasks and approvals that need to be done, you can set your Wrangle workflows on a schedule to ensure they don’t slip through the cracks.
  • Connect Wrangle to your other apps. Power up your workflows using webhooks and Slack Workflow Builder’s built-in connections to the other apps you already use.

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