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Wrangle release allows you to edit forms after submission

Wrangle's workflow and ticketing solution for Slack now allows you to edit forms after submission.

November 21, 2022

We know you’ve done it before. You submit an online form, but a few seconds later, you realize you made a typo. Or you’ve received a Wrangle approval request, but upon review, you realize that some edits need to be made before you can give it the thumbs up. Previously, Wrangle didn’t allow for edits once a form was submitted. Our latest release gives you more flexibility by allowing requesters and form step assignees to make changes.

Who can edit forms?

The person who submitted a form can edit after a submission, which means requesters can edit the intake form, and form step assignees can edit any forms they completed.

How do I edit a form?

In Slack, open the workflow thread, find the three-dot menu in the current workflow step, and click “Edit form data.”  If you’re logged into the Wrangle web app, open the workflow dashboard, click on the instance you’d like to update, then click “Edit form data” on the “Forms” tab.

To learn more, visit Wrangle's documentation.

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