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Wrangle delivers workflow reporting to help teams quantify impact

Workflow reporting lands in Wrangle! A massive leap forward for understanding your workflow processes and quantifying the impact on your KPIs.

December 7, 2022

We’re excited to announce a big leap forward for Wrangle users. Our workflow automation platform turns your Slack channels into an effective place for requesting help or approvals from your team, but until today, generating a report for your Wrangle workflows required exporting data and reviewing it in a spreadsheet. No longer. Paid subscribers now have access to workflow reporting in our web app, giving you a new way to visualize and digest your business process KPIs.

Workflow reporting helps you quantify your team's value

A big challenge IT and Ops teams face is quantifying their impact on the business. Workflow reporting will empower managers to illustrate their team’s value with measurable KPIs that can be used as inputs for ROI calculation. The data will help management visualize the returns the IT and Ops teams have on their organization’s bottom line.

Workflow reporting will also help you identify bottlenecks and areas of optimization in your business processes by further eliminating the opaque nature of Slack. You’ll see how workflows performed each week in comparison to the previous eight weeks. So what can you measure?

In your workflow reports, you’ll find data on:

  • How many times a workflow started
  • How many times a workflow completed
  • How long it takes to complete each workflow
  • Who your top requesters are

How do I find my workflow reporting?

Workflow reports are available for paid Wrangle accounts. Both admins and observer roles can view reporting for a workflow.

To find the report for a specific workflow, open the Workflow Dashboard and choose "Workflow Report" in the top menu.

Freemium customers can upgrade their plan to get access to workflow reports. You can upgrade your plan by clicking on the billing link in the Wrangle web application or by scheduling a meeting with a Wrangle team member.

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