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Wrangle 2022 Recap

What a year! We hired an amazing team, closed on a funding round, added some great new customers, and rapidly evolved the product.

December 15, 2022
The Wrangle team at our new HQ

It was a huge year for Wrangle in 2022. After starting the company during the pandemic, and spending over a year bootstrapping with the two of us, 2022 was when the octopus really started to stretch its tentacles. 

There was so much to be grateful for in 2022, we hired an amazing team, closed on a funding round with great new partners, moved into our first office, and rapidly evolved the product. 

But most importantly, we partnered with so many great new customers and users. We got to know you, and your feedback enabled us to end 2022 in an amazing position (details below).

There is a ton of great stuff coming this year, so stay tuned!

2022 highlights at Wrangle

2022 Wrangle Highlights


The year kicked off with big news. In January, we announced our pre-seed round of funding. The announcement didn’t go unnoticed. We were delighted to be featured in TechCrunch

The round enabled us to accelerate growth in all areas of the business with amazing new wranglers in engineering, customer success, and marketing. 

We were delighted to have the opportunity to add thousands of new users and to work with so many amazing new customers.

Testimonials from a few of our great customers


🦾 The product team came strong with the features in 2022 🚀

Wrangle evolved into a workflow automation powerhouse

Wrangle started solely in Slack, bringing order to the barrage of requests users were inundated with in their workspaces. While this solved a very real problem, we knew that there was more we could do to help users manage work efficiently. Individuals responsible for acting on requests needed a centralized place to manage all of their requests from other teams, and Slack's UI was limited. The solution was clear. The product and engineering teams created a new web experience that worked in conjunction with the Wrangle Slack app.

The new web-based workflow dashboard allowed our users to see all their requests in a centralized place. This release set the stage for evolving from a Slack app into a powerful web application that enables users to untap the full potential of Slack without being locked into the confines of their ecosystem. Users could still make requests in their Slack channels, but the agents handling requests had a clean web dashboard where they could prioritize and review.

Launching the first iteration of the web dashboard unlocked enormous potential for the Wrangle user base. We saw users leveraging Wrangle for various use cases like IT ticketing, document approval, creative review, employee onboarding, purchase approvals, and more. Wrangle was becoming the go-to product for Slack users who needed to automate a business process with workflows. We doubled down on providing more functionality to help companies manage their approvals and tickets in Slack smartly.

A new way to build workflows

Moving more functionality to the web meant we could build a more efficient way for users to develop workflows. The team worked on a brand new workflow builder inside the Wrangle web application. Previously, workflow construction occurred in the Slack UI. The design experience wasn’t optimal. With the release of our web workflow builder, Wrangle users now had a more intuitive way to create advanced workflows with drag-and-drop re-ordering and an expanded number of form questions and tasks.  

Instance view improved ticket and requests transparency

The feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive. Wrangle customers wanted more functionality on the web. The agents responsible for approving requests saw enormous utility to the web dashboard, and they wanted more details on the requests that were being fed into the dashboard from their Slack workspaces. Our team started working on Instance View, a new way to see the history of a Slack workflow request on the web.

The first iteration of the instance view allowed users to see the details and history of their requests and tickets in the web dashboard. We quickly shipped a second release that allowed agents to take action on requests meaning one could approve or deny on the web and see the decision reflected in Slack. Instead of switching back and forth between the web application and the Slack app, agents could now manage all their work in a centralized dashboard. Agents could dig into which stage of a workflow was blocking completion, who was holding up work, and determine how long each workflow stage was taking. In short, Wrangle was evolving into a workflow management tool that ticketing and approval agents could use for managing their workflows, eliminating the need to live and breathe in Slack.

Reporting enabled users to articulate ROI

The web allowed us to make big strides in reporting. This is an area we’ll continue to advance in 2023. In December,, we shipped an instance reporting dashboard that helps you measure your workflow KPIs. We know that teams are being asked to quantify their team’s impact, and our new workflow reporting will help you articulate the return on investment your team is bringing to your business processes. Today, you can dig into:

  • How many times a workflow started
  • How many times a workflow completed
  • How long it takes to complete each workflow
  • Who your top requesters are

Many Wrangle customers are using this new reporting capability to demonstrate to management the impact of their work on the bottom line. 

2023 Here we come

We have big news coming in 2023 on the product side of the house. And despite the economic challenges, investor interest in Wrangle continues to grow. The future is bright and its thanks to the users and team behind Wrangle.  Let’s get some work done together in 2023! 

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